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Bulk Bag Filler Projects

Bulk Bag Filling Project

Weigh System for Bulk Bag Filler Ensures Accurate, Repeatable Bag Filling; Eliminates Material Waste

This National Bulk Equipment bulk bag filling project enables an automated packaging operation to more accurately fill bulk bags to target fill weights without compromising line rate.

Bulk Bag Filling Project

Automated Bulk Bag Filler Project Minimizes Operator Interaction, Improves Bulk Bag Fill Weight Accuracy

Free-flowing, dust-generating material that is also static-charged and an explosion hazard must be conveyed, screened, then packaged into bulk bags. This engineered-to-application project from National Bulk Equipment provides automated bulk bag packaging that reduces operator interaction and improves bag fill accuracy.

Bulk Bag Filling Project

Bulk Bag Filling Project Packages Sluggish, Adhesive-like Material to Within One Percent of Target Fill Weight at a Rate of 24,000 Pounds per Hour

Operating at a 24,000-pound per-hour run rate, and processing non free-flowing material, this NBE engineered-to-application (ETA) bulk bag filling project increased production yield while improving operator efficiency and increasing the accuracy of filled-bag weights.

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