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Single Pack Reclaim: Dry Projects

Dry Product Reclaim Project

Reclamation of Off-spec Packages Generated During Production Start-up Events Reduces Material Waste

This National Bulk Equipment product reclamation project recovers packaged contents and packaging material from off-spec production generated during startup events across the operation's multiple packaging lines. The NBE single-pack reclaim project safely reduces product material waste, regardless of challenging product flow characteristics and difficult packaging material.

Single Pack Reclaim System

Recovered Unsalable Production Gets Reclaimed and Re-purposed; Provides New Revenue Source for Project Owner

Initially thought by the project owner as means to facilitate the disposal of unsalable and overrun production, this fullstream product reclaim project, was, instead, engineered-to-application by NBE to function as a source of recurring sales of reclaimed, salable product for the project owner.

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