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Surge Bins

Dry Bulk Material Surge Bin

Managing Material Assets, Upstream and Downstream

National Bulk Equipment surge bins enable material processing and packaging operations to profitably manage the supply and infeed of dry bulk materials directly to processing equipment. Engineered to the specific requirements of the application, NBE surge bins are built to ensure a safe, accurate, and reliable interface to process equipment. NBE surge bin designs protect process material assets from contamination and harsh process environments, and accurately dispense even the most non free-flowing materials.

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Features and Integration:

Standard Build Details

NBE surge bin systems provide convenient storage and efficient supply of dry bulk materials used during processing and packaging operations. With standard material volumes up to 17,500 pounds, NBE surge bins enable the perfect alignment of raw material management and line performance. Built on the strength of NBE performance-proven design, the Standard Build Details of NBE surge bins include industrial-grade features that aid in safe and effective supply of material to downstream processes.

Optional Features

Production advantages are gained by leveraging performance knowledge and application experience. When production requirements demand more, National Bulk Equipment engineering and manufacturing expertise is ready to respond with the integration of optional equipment features. For surge bin specifications that necessitate engineered-to-application design and construction, NBE ETA project delivery will ensure the design, construction, and integration of surge bin systems specific to the most demanding application requirements.

Materials of Construction

  • 304 / 316 Stainless Steel: Provides superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion; withstands harsh chemicals and cleaners. Stainless steel welds are passivated and ground smooth and flush.

Interior Epoxy Coatings

  • Interior Surface Coating: For complete protection of surge bin interior surfaces, the NBE Graphite epoxy coating provides resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals, and mildew. NBE Clear epoxy coating for interior surfaces offers easy washdown, protection from corrosion, while also providing improved material flow.

Top Covers

  • Dry bulk material surge bin with hinged coverHinged Top Cover: One third of the top cover can be opened for loading material or accessing the interior of the surge bin. This full-coverage, bolt-down top cover protects material from contaminants while also providing a hinged access opening suitable for dumping material into the bin.
  • Open top bulk material surge bin with flared sidewallsOpen Top (no cover) with Flared Sidewalls: Reduce material loss during high-volume loading. Flared sidewalls aid in directing material into the surge bin when material is being dumped from bulk containers. Flared sidewalls also work to prevent material overflow.
  • Open Top (no cover): For applications that do not require material contaminant protection or bin-top equipment integration.
  • Bulk material surge bin with steel bar grateSteel-bar Grate (6-inch x 4-inch openings): Avoid accidental introduction of large contaminants, break-up large chucks of material during bin loading from bulk containers. Grate insert rests inside, at the top of the open-top surge bin.

Process Features

  • Reinforced Top Cover: Capable of supporting weights up to 1,200 pounds, a heavy-duty framework, located below the bolt-on top cover, enables safe accessibility and stable mounting of equipment.
  • Surge bin with inspection hatchway dust control filterInspection Hatchway Filter: Enables air release during material filling into the bin; prevents material escape into the production area. Hinged hatchway access door is 12-inches by 9-inches.
  • Surge bin with ladder and guardrailFixed Ladder and Perimeter Guardrail: Added protection for personnel ascending or descending the exterior of the surge bin or working on top of the surge bin. NBE fixed ladders with safety cage, and guardrails with toeboards aid access to top-mounted systems, and hatchways. Integrated toeboards help reduce risk of tools or materials falling off the top of the surge bin.
  • Dry bulk material bin with leg extensions40-inch or 60-inch Leg Extensions: Raise surge bins to appropriate heights for easy access to discharge flange area. Conveniently reach flange-mounted process interfaces, or simplify entry of forklifts or pallet jacks to place or retrieve IBCs.
  • Dry bulk material process surge bin with rack-and-pinion slide gateSlide Gate, Rack-and-Pinion: Durable, UHMWPE seals prevent material leaks from the discharge opening while also enabling easy operation and providing long-term resistance to wear and degradation. The NBE manual slide gate is formed of corrosion- and contaminant-resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • Dry bulk material surge bin with manual slide gateSlide Gate, Manual: Easily start and stop material flow at the bin discharge. Performance-proven materials of construction and simple, manual operation ensure reliable, long-term service.
  • Bulk material surge bin with vacuum takeaway interface distribution box and probesVacuum Line Distribution Box and Probes: Simplify integration to pneumatic conveying systems. Available with one to 13 outlets per box, and designed to accommodate additional boxes, NBE vacuum line distribution boxes and vacuum line hook-up probes bring performance to pneumatic conveying applications.
  • Bulk material surge bin with flexible screw conveyor takeawayFlexible Screw Conveyor: Integration of an NBE flexible screw conveyor to an NBE surge bin ensures sustained conveying performance. Leverage the expertise of NBE engineered-to-application project delivery for proper specification of the screw flight design, pitch, finish, and drive mechanism.
  • Bulk material surge bin with agitatorAgitator Hopper: Improve reliability of downstream material supply when handling product with challenging material characteristics or flow properties. NBE agitator hoppers easily integrate to NBE surge bins and are built based on application-specific requirements for agitator type, size, and drive mechanism.
  • Bulk material surge bin with high and low level product sensorsHigh- and Low-level Sensors: Accurately manage material supply at the surge bin and to downstream operations. NBE continuous-level or point-level sensors eliminate process problems resulting from unknow product levels. Integration to indicator panels or PC-based monitoring systems, provided by NBE, is available from NBE.
  • Level Sensor Monitoring Systems: Maintain on-going awareness of material high- and low-level status inside surge bins. Whether a point-level sensor system, or a continuous-level monitoring system, NBE controls engineers and installation staff will ensure an accurate, reliable integration to the NBE surge bin.
  • Bulk material surge bin with drop tube discharge and control valveDrop Tube with Discharge Control Valve: For highly controlled discharge of material from the surge bin into gaylords or other IBCs, NBE drop tubes are available with either a manual slide gate valve or a manual ball valve.
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