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Bulk Container Fillers

Bulk Container Filling System

Leveraging Production Effectiveness for Bulk Material Processing and Packaging

NBE bulk container filling systems bring optimal production effectiveness to processing and packaging operations handling dry bulk materials. Engineered to the specific performance requirements of each application, NBE bulk container filler systems leverage their integrated construction and automation infrastructure to ensure production stays running at designed rates, throughput levels, and finished quality targets. The dominant materials of construction and build specifications of NBE bulk container filling systems easily withstand severe operating environments and demanding duty cycles. NBE controls and automation architecture pushes control functionality farther out, and deeper into container filler operations to optimize its total line throughput and deliver standard, system-wide, data reporting.

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Features and Integration:

Fillhead Support Frameworks

NBE bulk container fillers are engineered and constructed to withstand the harsh environments and rigorous duty cycles common in processing and packaging operations. The materials of construction and build specifications of NBE bulk container filling systems enable bulk material processing operations to maintain designed line speeds without concern for unplanned downtime, over- or under-filled containers, or excess labor required for rework. NBE bulk container filler systems provide exceptional performance and long-term production contribution.

Base Configurations

For applications requiring handling and filling of different container types within the same fill station, NBE bulk container filler bases are engineered to ensure safe, accurate, and effective filling of bulk totes, gaylords, drums, and bulk bags. Regardless of the container type, the process material characteristics, or the required fill rate, NBE bulk container filler bases are designed to the specific performance requirements of each application. NBE bulk bag filler bases receive, and can densify, a single container, or multiple containers at one time on slipsheets or pallets. NBE bulk bag filling systems easily integrate with NBE indexing and accumulation conveyors, improving upstream and downstream process performance.

Bulk Container Weigh Scale Systems

The reliable, repeatable, and accurate filled-container weights produced by NBE bulk container filling systems improve the availability, rate, and throughput of bulk material processing and packaging operations. Engineered for bulk container filing applications requiring highly accurate filled-container weights, NBE weigh scale systems enable bulk material packaging operations to automatically fill containers to within 1% of the target fill weight. The preliminary fill stage of the NBE fill sequence achieves a fill weight of within 5% of the target. Subsequent densification stages evenly settle and distribute the material in the container. A final dribble-fill stage tops the material to its finished weight.

Container Fillhead and Spout Interfaces

The design and configuration of each NBE bulk container fillhead and spout interface are engineered to the specific requirements of each application. Whether filling rigid totes, lined gaylords, or multiple drums on a single pallet, the combination of process challenges solved by NBE container fillhead and spout interfaces is never exactly the same. Despite difficult material flow characteristics, harsh operating environments, complex physical ergonomics of the operator, or material dust containment needs, NBE bulk container filler systems will always deliver process performance advantages.

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