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Reclaim Systems

Packaged Product Reclaim and Recovery

National Bulk Equipment product reclaim and recovery systems provide automated and controlled removal and recovery of dry or wet contents from packaging. Off-spec, mislabeled, over-run, or otherwise unsalable product is recovered for possible re-use or resale. Recovered packaging is collected for proper recycling or disposal. NBE product reclaim and recovery systems enable processing and production operations to eliminate or reduce material loss, improve sustainability performance metrics, and protect product and company brand perception.

NBE engineered-to-application project delivery ensures process-specific expertise in design, automation, and integration guides the development of the project requirements and scope. A single sequence of package infeed, package opening, package and contents separation, and material collection simplifies the safe and effective reclamation and recovery of product and package.

Single-packed Product Reclamation

NBE single-pack reclamation systems recover packaged contents and packaging material from unsalable production output. Regardless of the single-pack type, its packaging material, or the packaged contents, every NBE single-pack reclamation system is engineered to the particular performance requirements and build specifications of each application. Packaged contents and its packaging material are recovered, product loss is reduced, and total process effectiveness is improved.

Palletized Bagged Product Reclamation

NBE multiwall bag product reclaim systems provide safe, efficient recovery and separation of contents and packaging from off-spec, mis-labeled, or overrun production packaged in multiwall bags. From 5-pound bags to 50-pound bags or larger; from 100 bags per hour to 1,000 bags per hour or more; from free-flowing contents to challenging materials, NBE engineered-to-application project execution will ensure optimal product and package recovery performance.

High-throughput Reclamation

NBE high-throughput packaged product reclaim systems bring to continuous-process operations, or plants running high-volume package filling lines, a product and packaging recovery system engineered and built specifically to the performance requirements of these demanding conditions. Capable of processing multi-package recovery cycles in excess of 2,000 pounds each, NBE high-throughput product reclaim systems reduce material loss and packaging waste at exceptional throughput rates.

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