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Bag Break Stations

Bag Break Station, Bag Dump Station

Providing Safe and Efficient Manual Introduction of Dry Materials into Process Operations

NBE bag break stations provide a safe and efficient material input interface for the manual introduction of dry materials into processing operations. Engineered to ensure peak operator comfort and efficiency, the large and ergonomic operator area and material hopper of NBE bag break stations easily enables manual dumping of material from bags, pails, totes, and other containers. NBE bag break stations are designed to integrate with all types of process equipment, including: material conveyor systems, mixers, hoppers, bins, and size reduction equipment.

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Features and Integration:

Bag Break Station Configurations

NBE bag break stations are engineered to the specific application requirements of each process operation. From stations requiring process controls integration and remote dust collection, to stations only used for periodic input of minor materials, NBE bag break stations will provide long-term performance and reliability.

Materials of Construction

The correct materials of construction specification for a bag break station is essential to ensuring its long-term process performance. More than just a matter of product contact exposure; materials of construction specs can directly affect changeover times, compliance, and total cost of operation. The NBE engineering team will leverage our applications expertise and material science engineering to aid in the proper materials of construction spec.

Dust Collection

Effective dust collection is necessary for the protection of operators, facilities, equipment, and product. During application engineering NBE will assess in-use operation and work area of the bag break station to ensure appropriate dust collection system recommendations are provided. Whether handling combustible or non-combustible dusts, the benefits of proper dust collection extend well beyond matters of facility housekeeping. Reducing operator exposure, material waste, and equipment maintenance are additional advantages that quickly lead to productivity gains.

Hood Door Designs

Operator safety and product safety are priority criteria in the design of NBE bag break stations. Manual handling of dry materials at a bag break station requires frequent and repeated operator interactions with the equipment. NBE bag break stations are engineered to reduce repetitive operator actions and streamline operator motions. These NBE bag break station hood door designs reduce the introduction of material dust to the operator work area and provide a source of protection to the process material flow from the ingress of contaminants.

Hopper Grate Designs

Varied processing and production methods, and particular characteristics of the input material, are all important factors in the correct specification of the hopper grate for an NBE bag break station. Facilitating safe and effective user operation, and enabling efficient inputting of product to the process flow are performance advantages engineered into every NBE bag break station hopper grate.

Bag Compactor and Disposal

NBE bag compactors and bag disposal systems are designed to add another level of safety to the work area, and another level of efficiency to operator performance. Emptied bags often carry small amounts of remaining product or debris in or on the bag. NBE bag compactors and bag disposals enable operators to remove emptied bags from the process area without causing unwanted release into the workspace of dust and debris. Operators can load the bag, empty the bag, and dispose of the bag while maintaining an ergonomically beneficial operating posture.

Automation and Control Systems

When process requirements specify integrated automation of an NBE bag break station to systemwide controls or to legacy upstream or downstream processes, NBE automation and controls engineering resources will ensure a comprehensive and reliable integration. NBE integrated automation and controls will work to optimize total process throughput and deliver a standardized, systemwide, data report from the control layer. Broad controls and automation functionality can improve resource management, reduce operating burden, and extend equipment lifecycles.

Conveying & Processing Interfaces

NBE bag break stations are designed, engineered, and manufactured by NBE to provide optimal effectiveness to processing and packaging operations. The NBE engineered-to-application project delivery method looks upstream and downstream of the bag break station to ensure the integration of NBE bag break station systems will deliver the specified uptime, rate, and quality as required by the fullstream operation.

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