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Bulk Bag Discharger Projects

Bulk Bag Discharging Project

High-capacity Construction Leverages High-performance Automation

Continuous-duty bulk bag discharging project must supply 12 million pounds per year of ultra-high bulk density material; accurately metering each of five different input materials. The NBE high-capacity structural construction, together with the centralized NBE controls and automation infrastructure safely and accurately discharges the combustible materials to downstream processes.

Bulk Bag Discharging Project

Preparing Material for Downstream Supply While Reducing Nuisance Dusts

Highly caustic, severely agglomerated material must be properly conditioned to ensure sufficient material flow to downstream processes; while also protecting the operator, and process area, from fugitive dusts. The NBE multi-stage, inline material conditioning sequence, and the NBE closed-process dust containment system maintain proper material supply and prevent release of nuisance dusts into the work area.

High-Throughput Demand Meets Frequent Changeover Requirement

Varied process demands, such as increased SKU counts and shorter production runs, require more frequent changeovers and pose the risk of extending production downtime. NBE application engineering and hygienic design increased the uptime and throughput performance of this operation by significantly reducing the total time-per-changeover event.

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