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Portable Surge Bins

Bring Performance Gains to Batch Process Material Storage and Supply

National Bulk Equipment portable surge bin systems simplify in-plant handling and supply of dry bulk materials to production and processing lines. For applications with low- to medium-volume material supply requirements, NBE portable surge bins combine convenient in-plant mobility features with multiple line integration methods to ensure efficient material use, safe material handling, and reliable, repeated performance relative to bulk bags, totes, and gaylords. NBE portable surge bins can be configured with features to facilitate stacking and storage of material prior to use.

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Features and Integration:

Standard Build Details

Optional Features

Processing or production applications often present unique demands that require an equipment configuration and feature set that are specific to such a particular application. NBE portable surge bins are designed to enable engineered-to-application configurations; from selections of materials of construction, surface coatings, and mobility, to the specification of multiple process integration features.

Materials of Construction

  • 304 / 316 Stainless Steel: Provides superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion; withstands harsh chemicals and cleaners. Stainless steel welds are passivated and ground smooth and flush.

Interior Epoxy Coatings

  • Interior Surface Coating: For complete protection of surge bin interior surfaces, the NBE Graphite epoxy coating provides resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals, and mildew. NBE Clear epoxy coating for interior surfaces offers easy washdown, protection from corrosion, while also providing improved material flow.

Mobility Features

  • 4-inch Diameter Casters Package: Easily move portable surge bins without using a forklift or pallet jack. The NBE portable surge bins caster package includes two, 4-inch diameter, swivel-type casters on the front, and two, 4-inch diameter, non-swivel, locking casters on the rear. To enable stacking of surge bins with casters, casters are offset from the base of the surge bin legs.
  • Push/Pull Bar for Casters Package: Frequent, manual handling of NBE surge bins is made safer and easier with the optional push/pull bar and casters package. The NBE push/pull bar is an easy-grip handle welded to the front, straight side of the bin.
  • 2-way Pallet Jack Pockets: Fork-entry locations and jack-point height of NBE pallet jack pockets are sized to improve operator efficiency and ergonomics when handling NBE portable surge bins. The NBE two-way pallet jack pockets are formed of 10-gauge carbon steel.

Top Covers

  • 2-piece, Hinged Top Cover: Hinged at two top edges of the surge bin sidewall, this NBE two-piece cover opens from the center enabling easy loading of material. Once loaded, material is covered and protected from external contamination sources.
  • 1-piece, Lay-on Top Cover with 8-inch Center Hole: Enable easy integration of upstream material supply sources. This NBE one-piece top cover is formed to create a gravity seal with the top edge of the surge bin.
  • 1-piece, Lay-on Top Cover: Protect valuable bulk materials from contamination during storage and handling. The NBE one-piece top cover is formed to create a gravity seal with the top edge of the surge bin; keeping contaminants out and important product in.
  • Steel-bar Grate (6-inch x 4-inch openings): Avoid accidental introduction of large contaminants; break-up large chucks of material during bin loading from bulk containers. Grate insert rests inside, at the top of the surge bin.

Process Features

  • Slide Gate, Rack-and-Pinion: Durable, UHMWPE seals prevent material leaks from the discharge opening while also enabling easy operation and providing long-term resistance to wear and degradation. The NBE manual slide gate is formed of corrosion- and contaminant-resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • Slide Gate, Manual: Easily start and stop material flow at the bin discharge. Performance-proven materials of construction and simple, manual operation ensure reliable, long-term service.
  • Vacuum Line Distribution Box and Probes: Simplify integration to pneumatic conveying systems. Available with one to 13 outlets per box, and designed to accommodate additional boxes, NBE vacuum line distribution boxes and vacuum line hook-up probes bring performance to pneumatic conveying applications.
  • 3-bar Magnet Grate: Protect downstream processes and equipment from ferrous metal fines that commonly contaminate bulk material supply. NBE 6-inch x 6-inch magnet grates use rare earth magnets to ensure more magnetic strength, better separation, and improved holding power relative to ceramic magnet materials.
  • 4-inch Diameter View Window: For visual monitoring of material levels and verifying of bin contents, view windows are center-mounted in the surge bin sidewall for high-level visibility, and in the surge bin cone wall for low-level visibility.
  • Fill Stand for Gaylords, Hoppers, and Totes: Raise surge bins to appropriate heights for easy access to discharge flange area. Conveniently reach flange-mounted process interfaces, and simplify entry of forklifts or pallet jacks to place and retrieve IBCs.
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