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Jumbo Whirlwind Mixers – Bottom Load

High-Capacity, Process-Integrated Mixing Systems for a Variety of Material Inputs

NBE bottom-loading Whirlwind mixing systems are designed for batch mixing applications where a high level of homogeneity is required, or where materials from multiple input sources, such as a vacuum system and bulk container, are being introduced simultaneously. By introducing material to the bottom of the mixing vessel, Jumbo Whirlwind mixers achieve a quick and thorough integration of even challenging materials like powders and other dry additives.

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Features and Integration:

Standard Build Details

Optional Features

NBE mixers are engineered to be configurable for specific application requirements. With a broad selection of design features and accessory components, our mixers can meet even the most demanding process and compliance requirements.

  • 304/316 Stainless Steel Construction: In addition to carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel construction is also available for Jumbo Whirlwind mixer units. Product contact seams are continuous-welded and ground smooth.
  • Epoxy Painted Interiors: Interior mixer surfaces can be coated with wither clear or grey epoxy coatings for more complete protection of the unpainted surfaces. These coatings eliminate surface oxidation and improve material flowability.
  • Personnel Platforms and Ladders: Facility and compliance-specific personnel platforms and ladders can be added where necessary to enable stable, safe access for operation and maintenance.
  • Clam Shell Auger Tube: For increased changeover efficiency and cleanability, bottom-loading Jumbo Whirlwind mixers can be specified with a clam-shell auger tube. This hinged design enables operators to quickly access the auger and inner tube without full disassembly. This design is also advantageous for facilities with low headroom or difficult equipment access to the mixer location.
  • Top Perimeter Guardrails: Guardrails are available for the top of the mixer deck to aid compliance and increase operator safety during inspections and changeover.
  • Crammer Feeder: The NBE crammer-feeder system enables metered material introduction from an external hopper or other storage system via solid horizontal screw at the bottom of the mixer. Crammer-feeders can accept inputs from a variety of sources, from manual bag break stations and surge hoppers to centralized vacuum systems.
  • Gaylord Feed Inlet Hopper: Specifically designed to infeed the contents of a gaylord, the inlet hopper is enlarged to allow operators to stage and discharge the contents of a gaylord without interrupting the process flow on the production floor, or within the mixer.
  • Material Platforms: For process operations where it is desirable to store bulk containers near the mixer, a material platform can be specified. In addition to convenient storage, material platforms reduce multiple trips to the floor or other area for minor additions by co-locating ingredients.
  • Bag Opening Grate: For process operations with manual bag infeed, a bag opening grate allows operators to efficiently infeed bags directly to the hopper without compromising safety or compliance requirements.
  • Gaylord Fill Drop Tube Spouts: Optional drop tube spouts allow operators to quickly sample mixing progress, as well as easily fill gaylords or other containers directly from the mixer cone.
  • Flex Screw Discharge: In addition to manual and vacuum discharge, customized flexible screw discharge systems are available for NBE mixers. NBE flexible screw conveyors feature application-specific design and heavy-duty construction for maximum efficiency and durability for each process. Learn More.
  • Vacuum Line Distribution Box and Probes: For process operations with local or centralized vacuum takeaway systems, NBE mixers can be optionally equipped with an integrated distribution box and probes.
  • Level Sensors: High and low level sensors are available to ensure proper material quantities are being maintained within the mixer. NBE level sensors ship configured with the standard controls package, and can be paired with a customized control architecture to ensure integration with existing plant systems like automated batching systems, or downstream process monitoring software.
  • Casters: Heavy duty casters can be specified for roll-about portability.
  • View Windows: View windows allow operators to monitor the mixing process without opening the mixer or taking a physical sample, reducing the opportunity for errant dusts and other particulate matter to exit the mixing vessel.
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