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Slurry & Solution

Liquid Slurry and Solution Processing Systems

Reduce Downstream Process Concerns, Improve Upstream Product Supply Efficiency

NBE slurry processing and handling systems, and solution processing and handling systems each leverage the advantages of NBE fullstream project engineering with the performance-proven contribution of NBE engineered-to-application equipment. Regardless of the application, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, or health and beauty to building products, NBE slurry or solution systems ensure downstream processing or packaging operations are accurately and repeatedly supplied homogeneous product at designed rates.

Project Overviews

Batch or continuous operation, packaged or processed product, NBE slurry or solution projects are engineered and built to provide optimal process performance. When application specifications demand complex liquid and solids supply and concentration requirements, operations staff rely on the precision and dependability of NBE project engineering and systems automation. When process run times and production yield cannot be compromised, operations staff depend on the proven performance of NBE equipment construction and integration.

  • Batch blending slurry system designed to automatically feed the dry solids based on recipe details. The bulk bag dischargers integrate with the batch blending tank using screw conveyors and the minors are added through the integrated bag break station.
  • Major and minor dry solid components are automatically metered into the continuous slurry delivery system. The materials are fed through the high shear powder induction mixer using dedicated arc valve inlets.
  • Automated batch to continuous solution blending system. The soluble solids are fed into the batch blending tank based on gain-in-weight technology to reach the desired concentration; once properly blended, the completed batch is discharged into the holding tank where it is metered to the existing process.
  • High viscous abrasive slurry system designed to add insoluble solids in the proper sequence based on recipe details. Once the final slurry is completed, it is strained for oversize contaminates and transferred to the holding tank where it is delivered to the selected process.
  • Bulk bag discharging system designed to feed into the dual mixing tanks to provide a continuous supply of final solution to the existing process. The integrated controls automatically controls the batch concentration to ensure consistency.
  • Complete recipe driven system to generate a continuous supply of developing solution. Majors and minors are continuously blended with the primary liquid using a wetting cone and liquid eductor.
  • Automated bulk bag discharging station feeds dry solids into the slurry blending tank. Slurry suspension is maintained throughout the process using the integrated tank mixers. The slurry is supplied to the existing process using a complete recirculation loop.
  • Bulk bag discharging station is used to feed dry insoluble solids at the desired concentration. The integrated slurry system will maintain solids suspension for delivery to the existing process.
  • Controlled melting and temperature controlled process for volatile components. The dry raw materials are metered into the melting tank where the contents are agitated to create controlled circulation to limit thermal transfer within safe operating parameters. Once fully melted; the contents are circulated to maintain proper process temperatures and fed to the existing process.
  • Batch based recipe driven solution delivery system designed for multiple SKU's. Major and minor components are automatically fed into the batch blending tank and instrumentation monitors the desired final solution quality. Once critical QC details are met, the solution is transferred to the process tank where it is metered to the selected process line.
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