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Floor-level Bulk Container Tilters

Floor Level Tilters, Tilt Tables, Box Tippers

Improve Downstream Material Supply Reliability; Increase Operator Efficiency

National Bulk Equipment floor-level bulk container tilters provide a reliable supply of process material to downstream production operations, without the frequent manual interactions and material monitoring typical of common tilt table designs. The automatic tilt function of NBE floor-level container tilters is what brings improved operator performance and safety to what is often a labor-intensive material handling process. As material is automatically vacuumed from the bulk container, the automatic tilt action initiates when the container weight and material level reach a pre-set point. During the tilt function, material in the bulk container flows toward the intake of the vacuum wand where the material is vacuumed from the bulk container and supplied to downstream equipment. Application-specific design features including material level indicator beacons and safety stops improve operator efficiency and safety.

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Application Selections

Running at target production rates and achieving aggressive production yield goals requires an upstream bulk material supply system that is performance-built for demanding applications. NBE floor-level bulk container tilters leverage the design, materials of construction, and operating assurance that National Bulk Equipment brings to demanding applications and harsh production environments. When process requirements call for application-specific features, NBE floor-level bulk container tilters are engineered to provide broad functional performance advantages in filled-container gross weight capacities, differing container dimensions, and challenging bulk material extraction.

  • Weight-activated Automatic Container Tilt: Full bulk containers, weighing up to 2,500 pounds, are staged into the bulk container tilt carriage at the floor-level loading position. As the vacuum takeaway removes material from the container, the container weight will reach a pre-set activation weight. At the activation weight the container tilt action initiates and directs the material flow to the vacuum intake point. The container tilt action will gradually continue up to a maximum 45-degree angle of the tilt carriage.
  • Materials of Construction: Formed, 7 gauge carbon steel with continuous welds for strength and intermittent welds where appropriate. Surface finish is NBE Graphite, specially formulated for industrial environments to provide excellent resistance to impact and abrasion, chemicals and mildew.
  • Pneumatic System Controls: The complete pneumatic control system, including a three-position air valve and all necessary filter regulators, is plumbed and ready for field hookup. Only a single air supply connection is required onsite for set-up and start-up.
  • Application-specific Features: When application specifications require unique functions of an NBE floor-level bulk container tilter, the National Bulk Equipment engineering team will leverage our application expertise to design and manufacture the best equipment for your application. Application-specific features may include vibratory kits for non-free flowing materials, container covers for dust control and protection from contaminants, safety systems and light stacks, mobility features, or custom container tilt carriage configurations for varied container types.
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