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Bringing Clarity and Performance to Equipment Project Execution

Engineer-to-Application (ETA) project delivery is conducted by NBE through an open and deliberate implementation of our ETA performance categories. Project owners, AECs, and EPCs work with confidence because of the mutually defined expectations and the tangible objectives inherent in NBE ETA project delivery.

Performance Categories of NBE Engineer-to-Application Project Delivery

The three performance categories of NBE engineer-to-application project delivery are: Collaborative Project Execution, Tangible Expertise and Insights, and Fullstream Capabilities & Performance. Not one of these categories is any more important than another. No two of these categories, together, can fully contribute to ETA without the third. Each performance category contains its specific project advantages; each project advantage offers its particular project benefits; each project benefit is leveraged, as necessary, for optimal project performance.

  • Collaborative Project Execution
  • Tangible Expertise and Insights
  • Fullstream Capabilities and Performance
Collaborative Project Execution

Project Advantages & Benefits

Risk Assessment Reporting:

  • Help identify risks and provide mitigation options
  • Incorporate directly into site safety management plans

Proactive Application Analysis:

  • Pre-RFQ, on-site evaluation identifies strategic considerations
  • Pre-RFQ feasibility testing confirms strategic considerations
  • 3-D models clarify operator ergonomics & project layouts
  • PFDs and P&IDs clearly communicate deliverables detail

Constructive, Responsive Project Management:

  • Focused on customer needs; driving projects forward
  • Detailed, organized, controlled technical documentation

Installation, Commissioning, and Training:

  • Turnkey project installation and start-up services
  • Dedicated technical support expedites commissioning phase
  • On-site training improves operator performance purpose
  • Factory-wired & plumbed systems minimize install costs
Tangible Expertise and Insights

Project Advantages & Benefits

Material Analysis and Testing:

  • Evaluate handling properties from a fullstream process context

Application-specific Regulatory Guidance:

  • Ensure critical codes and standards compliance

Combustible Dust Knowledgebase:

  • Application expertise; proactive risk mitigation strategies

Hazardous Area Classification Compliance:

  • On-site, UL-certified panel facility builds to UL698A

Controls Automation and Integration:

  • Improve productivity and quality; reduce downtime and waste
  • Fullstream controls integration; optimal process efficiency and safety
Fullstream Capabilities and Performance

Project Advantages & Benefits

Multi-site Campus, Single-purpose Facilities:

  • Application workshop; design feasibility testing, material characteristics analysis
  • Innovation center; advancing developments in equipment and automation
  • Total accountability; no outsourced fabrication, no contract installers, no third-party service support. NBE vertically integrated engineering and production enables ETA project delivery to exceptional quality standards within strict production schedules.
  • Expansive, high-bay assembly facility enables full-scale FATs

Global Perspective and Proficiency:

  • Continual monitoring and application of domestic and international standards
  • ISO 9001:2015-certified QMS, focused on customer satisfaction
  • Worldwide sales and support; SAT assurance, service responsiveness

Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Equipment and Systems:

  • Designed, engineered, and constructed based on application-specific insights and expertise brought by collaboration between NBE, the project owner, and the AEC.
  • Performance-built to contribute process effectiveness and total cost-of-ownership advantages across the fullstream of production or packaging operations.
  • From upstream raw material discharge and storage, through midstream material conveying and transformation, to downstream packaging and reclamation; NBE equipment and systems improve operator efficiency and increase production yield.

Fullstream Projects, Systems, and Equipment Integration:

  • Fullstream projects; leveraging the collaborative project execution, tangible expertise, and fullstream capabilities of NBE engineer-to-application project delivery. Providing operating effectiveness and total cost-of-ownership advantages to project owners.
  • Stand-alone equipment or integrated systems; applying the same engineer-to-application performance categories of fullstream project delivery to NBE equipment or systems. Advancing the performance objectives of upstream, midstream, or downstream applications.

NBE Holdings Corporate Campus

The NBE Holdings corporate campus is an environment where a mindset is fostered that enables individual perspectives, regardless of titles or roles, to contribute key insights and deliver optimal performance for our customers. More than simply management, operations, and production facilities; the forward-thinking resources and capabilities of NBE bring real results to project owners, AECs, and EPCs.

You need to move your project forward, so, it’s time we talk – person-to-person. It’s time you get details. It’s time you see responsive, accurate, and tangible results. You will see our multi-site campus, our hundreds of employees, and our technology infrastructure. But, the most important thing you will see, in person, is performance.

To schedule a person-to-person talk at our campus, call: 616-312-2990.

To schedule a person-to-person talk at your location, call: 616-312-2991.

National Bulk Equipment Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

Spontaneous or scheduled, sales and fabrication or MEs and PMs. Collaboration between our people and our practices is encouraged by our philosophy and our facilities. From quiet, focused workstations to team workspaces; from technology-based meeting rooms to community areas.

NBE Assembly, Automation, and Acceptance Facility

Assembly, Automation, and Acceptance

We call it assembly for a reason. When equipment, systems, or projects enter our assembly department optimizing the customer’s total cost of ownership remains the priority. That means market-dominate build specs and materials, assembled FATs, and equipment shipped factory-wired and plumbed. For many manufacturers, stacking parts and pieces on a pallet is assembly. But, what that often means is more time and money.

NBE Center for Application Innovation and Application Workshop

Innovation Center and Application Workshop

It’s not conventional, it’s not common. It’s not a showroom disguised as a test center. This is where NBE innovation happens because the tests of others have failed. Building prototype equipment and alpha-test assemblies is the norm, it’s how we prove it works. Your alternative is the typical test center, where they simply hope it works.

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