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Drum Dischargers

Drum Discharger, Fiber Drum Dumper

Increase Equipment Effectiveness, Improve Process Performance

NBE drum discharger systems provide safe, reliable, and controlled unloading of dry bulk materials from steel, plastic, or fiber drums into processing operations such as material conveyors, size reduction equipment, or bulk storage systems. Engineered and constructed for handling heavy drum weights in demanding duty cycles, the build specifications, materials of construction, and integrated automation of NBE hydraulic drum dischargers deliver greater equipment availability and improved process performance.

Features and Integration:

Drum Discharger Configurations

NBE drum discharger systems are engineered to the specific requirements of each application; regardless of drum or barrel type, container loading method, or discharge height. More than drum unloading, NBE drum discharging systems are also engineered to simplify operator interactions with equipment, protect material from contaminants, and control material dusting.

Drum Discharger Framework Construction

NBE drum discharger build specifications and materials of construction requirements are proven to deliver highly dependable performance in even the most extreme environments and challenging duty cycles. From high-speed, high-capacity applications, to highly regulated, high-compliance specifications; NBE drum discharger systems engineered to the particular requirements of each application.

Lift Carriage and Drum Bucket Configurations

NBE drum discharge system lift carriages and drum buckets are designed to provide safe handling of drums during material unloading, while also increasing material infeed efficiency. NBE drum lift carriages are engineered for high-performance operation; the pneumatic drum-centering system on NBE drum discharger buckets minimizes drum handling by operators, increasing the physical ergonomic benefits of the equipment and improving the material discharge accuracy.

Material Discharge Hoods and Diverters

NBE drum dischargers bring immediate advantage to process operations by specifically designing and engineering the material discharge hood to the particular integration requirements of the application; eliminating the need to force fit stock hoods, or attempt aftermarket fabrication. NBE drum discharger hoods, aid material infeed flow, protect the product and process from contaminants, and prevent dusted material from becoming airborne throughout the facility. NBE discharge hood designs may integrate material-present sensing, and machine interface configurations custom to downstream equipment.

Safety Cage and Light Curtain Systems

NBE drum dischargers undergo comprehensive risk assessments and design reviews to ensure the drum discharging system is engineered to provide safe operation. Beyond the safety features inherent in the structural design, additional guarding such as safety cages and light curtains are integrated to NBE drum discharging systems to aid in protecting personnel during equipment operation and maintenance.

Hydraulic Systems

NBE drum discharger lift carriages are hydraulically driven to ensure high-performance handling of drums or barrels; regardless of the container weight, process lift height, carriage rotation, or duty cycles of the application. The hydraulic power unit and valve stack of an NBE drum discharging system are engineered to the required cycles per hour, and per-cycle duration for the application. NBE drum discharger hydraulic systems are constructed for general industrial material unloading applications; as well as wash-down duty, intrinsically safe, and explosion-proof classifications.

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