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Storage Silos

Dry Bulk Material Storage Silos

High-volume Material Supply; Optimal Material Throughput

National Bulk Equipment storage silos provide high-volume, uninterrupted material supply to processing and production operations where one, or multiple points of material infeed are required. NBE application and mechanical engineers will design a complete bulk material storage and handling system; from site assessment to silo filling, from material discharge to in-process material conveying. NBE is a single-source provider of bulk storage silos, ensuring for our customers that high-volume, bulk storage handling will reduce their material, labor, and inventory costs while increasing their line uptime and throughput.

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Features and Integration:

Standard Build Details

NBE bulk material storage silos are designed to provide secure, weather-resistant, low-maintenance storage of free-flowing, dry materials. Constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel, each silo section has a Class G90 galvanized coating thickness (about 0.76 mils, per side), as designated by the ASTM A653 specification. NBE storage silos are engineered-to-application. From site assessment to process integration, from silo filling systems to level indicators, from capacities of 5,000 pounds to 1 million pounds, NBE storage silo systems help reduce material cost volatility and increase total process effectiveness.

Optional Features

National Bulk Equipment silo storage systems are engineered to the specific process requirements of each application. From personnel safety features to integrated material handling systems, to controls automation and complete silo installation services. NBE corrugated silo systems will work to ensure your production runs at optimal material, labor, and inventory levels.

Railcar and Bulk Truck Unloading Systems

  • Dry bulk material storage silo filling systemsSilo Filling Systems: Whether unloading multiple railcars per day, or periodically unloading a single truckload, National Bulk Equipment silo filling systems provide reliable, repeatable, and efficient operation. From camlock couplers to the fill stub; and every tube, elbow, and bracket in between, NBE silo filling systems are available in various diameters and materials of construction.

Silo Discharging Systems

  • Storage silo pneumatic conveying systemsPneumatic Vacuum Conveying: For storage silo applications where pneumatic conveying is required for discharge and supply of material to downstream operations, NBE will design an integrated, application-specific pneumatic conveying system. From design and manufacturing, through controls automation and installation, NBE is a single-source provider of pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Bulk material storage silo with flexible or solid screw conveyor takeawayFlexible Screw or Solid-core Screw Conveying: When material discharge, and downstream supply point distances do not require pneumatic conveying from the storage silo, National Bulk Equipment flexible screw conveyor systems or solid core screw conveyors provide reliable, durable performance; regardless of material characteristics or harsh environment.

Material Monitoring and Weigh Systems

  • Bulk material storage silo level indicatorsMaterial Level Indicators and Monitoring: Accurately manage material supply at the silo and to downstream operations. NBE continuous-level sensors eliminate process problems resulting from unknow product levels. NBE controls engineers and installation staff will ensure proper integration to the control panel or to a PC-based monitoring systems.
  • Storage silo load cell weigh systemsLoad Cell Systems: For accurate weighing, monitoring, and reporting of bulk material weight within the storage silo, National Bulk Equipment provides complete load cell systems, including heavy-duty weigh scales and easy-to-use, monitoring software. Available only for unskirted storage silos.

Silo Venting Systems

  • Bulk material storage silo roof mounted ventilation systemRoof-mounted Venting Systems: For optimal material flow efficiency during silo loading and discharging, National Bulk Equipment silo venting systems work to balance air pressure and improve ventilation throughout the silo. NBE roof-mounted silo venting systems include: powered, bin vent dust collection and filtration systems; pressure-vacuum relief valves; mushroom-style vents; and custom-designed vent filter kits.

Personnel Safety and Protection

  • Silo laddersFixed Ladder: Provide added protection for personnel ascending or descending the exterior of the storage silo. NBE fixed ladders with safety cage are built to performance-proven specifications for load and durability.
  • Storage silo guard railsGuardrails with Toeboards: Important to the design of a storage silo system is the priority of personnel safety and protection. NBE top-perimeter guardrails help reduce fall risk to personnel, and NBE toeboards help prevent tools or materials from falling off the top of the silo.

Components and Accessories

  • Storage silo parts and accessoriesPriority Response and Expedited Logistics: Process requirements may change, and preventive maintenance is inevitable; but performance loss is not an option. The warehousing resources of National Bulk Equipment maintain an extensive inventory of silo components and accessories; so you don't have to. Whether an emergency expedited part, or a complete component assembly, the NBE logistics and installation groups are ready to deliver process performance to your silo storage applications.


  • Storage silo installation and erectionSilo Erection and Conveying Installation Crews: Leveraging the experience of over 15,000 bulk material handling equipment installations, National Bulk Equipment engineering and installation services will ensure long-term material supply performance. NBE silos are constructed using bolts with polypropylene-encapsulated heads that, when tightened, form a water-tight seal. NBE bulk storage silos provide exceptional performance in indoor or outdoor applications.
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