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Bulk Bag Conditioners

Bulk Bag Conditioner

Reduce Rock-hard Material in Bulk Bags to Optimal Size for Downstream Supply

National Bulk Equipment bulk bag conditioner systems are performance-built to bring material conditioning power, in excess of 29,000 pounds of hydraulic force, to material in bulk bags that is too agglomerated and too large to discharge from the bulk bag. NBE bulk bag conditioners are engineered to automatically reduce rock-hard material in the bulk bag to the optimal size necessary to ensure uninterrupted discharge from the bulk bag to integrated, downstream equipment. Eliminate material-supply reliability issues common with mis-applied mechanical systems; avoid safety concerns caused by manual bag conditioning attempts. NBE bulk bag conditioner systems enable downstream efficiency and production yield through upstream operating performance and longevity.

Application Selections

Consistent material supply starts upstream; but the benefits of proper material supply reach all the way through to the finished product. NBE bulk bag conditioners are designed to ensure that downstream processes efficiently receive material in the condition required. When processing or packaging applications demand particular functions, NBE engineered-to-application bulk bag conditioners provide the necessary design features in materials of construction, ram design and operation, operator safety, and process automation and integration. Built on the strength of NBE performance-proven design, NBE bulk bag conditioning systems provide process-wide gains in efficiency and reliability.

  • Application-specific System Design: Whenever, or however, solidified material is received in bulk bags, agglomerated bagged material cannot compromise the reliable, consistent supply of product to downstream process operations. NBE bulk bag conditioning systems are engineered-to-application to improve upstream safety and efficiency and increase downstream infeed accuracy and production yield.
    • Bulk Bag Conditioner with Vertical Adjustable Ram PositioningVertical-travel Ram Positioning: Different bulk bag heights, different conditioning sequences per bag, rigorous bag conditioning cycle times. The vertical-travel ram positioning feature, available on NBE bulk bag conditioners, directly locates the rams at the particular height where material compression is most needed. The NBE vertical-travel ram design eliminates issues common with scissor-lift decks and turntables.
    • Bulk Bag Conditioner with Fixed Position RamsFixed-height Ram Positioning: For applications where bulk bag heights are more consistent, or material characteristics of the bagged product are more regular, the NBE fixed-height ram positioning feature provides complete conditioning while reducing bag conditioning cycle times. Avoid safety risks common with manual bag conditioning methods. Improve downstream material supply reliability.
    • Bulk Bag Conditioner with Bag Rotating Turntable7,000-pound Force-capacity Turntable: Engineered to withstand more than just the basic load weight of the bulk bag, NBE bulk bag conditioner turntables are designed and constructed to leverage the force effect of the ram compression action. Rather than the turntable dissipating the force effect of the compression, as is common with scissor lift turntable designs, the force capacity of NBE bulk bag conditioner turntables directs the conditioning force back into the bulk bag. This greater force capacity improves the speed and effect of each compression cycle.
    • Bulk Bag Conditioner with Bulk Material Deblocking RamsMaterial Deblocking Rams: For solidified, rock-like material, NBE hydraulically powered deblocking rams produce over 29,000 pounds of compression force to fracture even the most highly agglomerated material. The fractured material is reduced into small clumps suitable for discharge through the bulk bag spout. The face of each NBE deblocking ram has pyramidal ribs that concentrate deblocking force at the ram contact points on the bulk bag. Materials of construction for the deblocking ram faces include carbon steel and 304 stainless steel.
    • FIBC Conditioner with Domed Bag Conditioning RamsMaterial Conditioning Rams: For non-free flowing, agglomerated material, NBE hydraulically powered conditioning rams prevent bridging and provide continuous flow of material through the bulk bag spout. Producing over 29,000 pounds of compression force, the domed face of the conditioning rams disperse pressure out from the central contact points on the bulk bag. Materials of construction for the deblocking ram faces include carbon steel and stainless steel.
    • FIBC Bag Conditioner with Light Curtain SafetyLight Curtain: An electronically interlocked light curtain protects the bulk bag loading side of the system. When the light curtain beam is crossed operation of the system is disabled and an amber stack light will flash to alert the operator. Light curtains are designed to work in combination with safety caging of the bulk bag conditioner.
    • Bulk Material Conditioner with Safety CageSafety Cage: The safety cage system protects up to four sides of the NBE bulk bag conditioner. Application-specific engineering and construction of NBE safety caging is based on an electronically interlocked access point controls infrastructure. Build specifications of NBE safety caging may include carbon steel or stainless steel materials of construction, polycarbonate view windows, and controls integration with interlocking doors or light curtains.
    • Bulk Bag Unloader with Bag ConditionerBulk Bag Discharger Framework Integration: For bulk bag conditioning applications where process requirements call for inline conditioning, NBE will provide an application-specific design that integrates the bulk bag conditioning function into an NBE bulk bag discharger framework. The framework of the NBE bulk bag discharger is constructed of 6-inch by 4-inch tubing and has reinforced bracing to withstand the hydraulic force of the ram compression action.
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