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Drum Fillers

Drum Filling System

Reliable and Repeatable Availability, Throughput, and Finished-product Quality

NBE drum filling systems provide dry material processing operations a highly reliable, extremely accurate bulk material packaging system for filling, weighing, lidding, and conveying fiber drums, plastic drums, or steel drums. Each NBE drum filling system is engineered to the unique application requirements of the operation; regardless of duty cycle, process environment, or material characteristics demands. The integration of the NBE structural framework chassis with the NBE controls and automation architecture combine to ensure NBE drum filling systems perform at optimal uptime availability, without material waste or rework, and at improved throughput efficiency levels.

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Features and Integration:

Fillhead Support Frameworks

The materials of construction, and the fabrication and assembly standards of NBE drum filling systems are the basis for the dominant performance capabilities shown in the market by NBE drum fillers. Regardless of the scope; whether very low, or very high fill rate requirements, unique operator interface designs, or stringent process dust collection and filtration standards, NBE drum filling systems are engineered to provide operators with reliable, accurate drum filling and packaging. Operations management will quickly realize the optimal effectiveness of NBE drum filling equipment; and executive-level management will appreciate the ROI contribution.

Base Configurations

NBE drum filling system base configurations are engineered to the specific performance requirements of each application. NBE drum filler base designs can receive a single drum, or multiple drums at one time on slipsheets or pallets. And, depending on process requirements and material characteristics, NBE drum fillers can densify drums during the filling sequence. For applications that may require periodic handling and filling of different container types within the same fill station, NBE drum filler bases can be engineered to ensure safe, accurate, and effective filling of bulk totes, gaylords, and bulk bags. NBE drum filling systems easily integrate with NBE indexing and accumulation conveyors, improving upstream and downstream process performance.

Drum Weigh Scale Systems

Engineered for drum filling applications where highly accurate filled-drum weights are required, NBE drum filler weigh scale systems enable packaging operations handling dry bulk materials to fill drums to an NTEP-certified, and validated, weigh accuracy of +/- .05% of the target filled-drum weight. NBE drum filler weigh scale systems eliminate material waste and rework resulting from over-filling or under-filling of drums.The reliable, repeatable, and accurate filled-drum weights produced from NBE drum filling systems improves the availability, rate, and throughput of bulk material processing and packaging operations.

Drum Fillhead and Spout Interfaces

Whether filling one drum, multiple drums on a pallet, or rigid totes and lined gaylords, the combination of process challenges required of an NBE bulk material filling system frequently changes. The design and configuration of each NBE bulk container fillhead and spout interface are engineered to the specific requirements of each application. Regardless of difficult material flow characteristics, harsh operating environments, complex physical ergonomics of the operator, or material dust containment needs, NBE drum filler systems will always deliver process performance advantages.

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