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Pail Filling

Liquid Pail Filling Systems

Achieve Maximum Throughput with Optimal Accuracy and Rate

NBE pail filling systems are engineered and built to the particular performance requirements and build specifications of each application. This engineered-to-application project delivery method ensures each NBE pail filling system also contributes to optimizing the performance of upstream and downstream equipment and processes. Regardless of the viscosity, solids concentration, foaming, or temperature of the liquid, NBE pail filling systems deliver highly accurate and repeatable fill cycles at designed throughput and yield.

Application Selections

NBE pail filling systems provide liquid packaging operations accurate, reliable filling, at optimal rates, of pails and similar containers, including JIBs and jerry cans. Whether the application calls for handling liquids with challenging characteristics or managing upstream product supply or downstream labeling and palletizing of containers, NBE pail filling systems are engineered and constructed to ensure maximum throughput performance at minimum total cost of ownership.

  • Filling Station: Single-, dual-, or multi-lance pail filling systems from NBE provide highly accurate, fast, and repeatable fill cycles. The NBE diving-nozzle design with variable flow control ensures efficient filling of low-viscosity or foaming product, controlled filling at rates up to 360 pails per hour, and net-weight fill accuracy to +/- 0.05 pounds of fill weight. Each NBE pail filling project is engineered to application, from semi- to fully automatic systems for pails, jerry cans, JIBs, or other container types.
  • Lidding Station: For pail filling applications that require automated lidding, the NBE pail lidding station provides fully automatic lid denesting and lid-on-pail placement; reducing operator-equipment interaction. The NBE auto-loading lid magazine extends run times by placing up to 100 lids on pails without requiring reloading of the lid magazine. Line operators become more efficient and production rates improve.
  • Lid Orientor: For applications running lids with a bung or spout, the NBE lid orientor improves throughput and reduces rework by using high-speed photo sensors and drive rollers to quickly, accurately, and automatically align the location of the bung or spout with the correct pour location of the pail. With a rate of up to 780 lids per hour, the NBE lid orientor increases line yield by reducing defects and product loss due to misaligned lids.
  • Lid Sealer: The NBE lid sealer eliminates material spills and product returns by ensuring each pail has a securely placed, compression-sealed lid. The wide span of the NBE lid sealer compression rollers evenly press the lid to the pail rim at all points of their circumference. The NBE lid sealer is engineered to enable equipment operators to adjust the applied pressure of the compression rollers as necessary to optimize seal quality and production throughput.
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