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Project Scope

Preparing Material for Downstream Supply While Reducing Nuisance Dusts

This bulk bag discharging project, handling highly caustic, severely agglomerated material, operates as a closed process; ensuring the protection of operators from fugitive, airborne material, and eliminating the possibility for contamination of in-process material. The highly compressible material requires inline bulk bag conditioning to effectively achieve sufficient material flow characteristics for downstream processing.

Project-Specific Engineering:

A sequential, 4-stage process, including: hydraulic de-blocking rams each with 28,000 pounds of force; hydraulic massage paddles each with 2,200 pounds of paddle pressure; an E3™ enclosed, bag spout interface to collect dust and aid discharge; and automatic bulk bag loop retractors to ensure complete material discharge, work together to condition the material from football-sized chunks to ΒΌ-inch, or smaller pieces. The enclosed system conveys the material downstream at a rate of 18,000 pounds per hour.

Project Performance:

NBE integrated automation centralizes system control, communication, monitoring, and reporting using dust-tight enclosures, and a single, UL listed HMI, designed and built by NBE. Operator exposure to caustic material was eliminated, and operator physical ergonomics were optimized as a result of rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures. NBE expertise in specifying, designing, and manufacturing process systems to application-appropriate codes, standards, and regulations ensured system compliance at start-up.

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