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Project Scope

Weigh System for Bulk Bag Filler Ensures Accurate, Repeatable Bag Filling; Eliminates Material Waste and Rework

This NBE automated bulk bag filling project enables the packaging operation to more accurately fill bulk bags to target fill weights without compromising line rate. The improved material fill accuracy, and resulting reduction in material waste, led to more efficient material inventory levels and a more precisely optimized material procurement schedule.

Project-Specific Engineering:

As part of the NBE engineered-to-application project execution process, a site evaluation was done of the fullstream production environment as well as functional feasibility testing of the proposed NBE bulk bag filler design. From the site evaluation and feasibility testing results, NBE created 3-dimensional modeling to confirm the project integration specifications.

Project Performance:

This fully automated NBE bulk bag filling project fills and weighs bulk bags to a final, filled weight of within 1% of the 4,500-pound target weight. NBE design-stage engineering of the weigh devices, together with proper integration during assembly, and correct calibration during installation and start-up ensure precise and repeatable bag weights. This NBE bulk bag filling project includes automated pallet dispensing, automated metering of non free-flowing material, automated bulk package weighing, and automated conveying and indexing of filled bulk bags. This NBE engineered-to-application project continues to provide the brand owner accurately filled bulk bags, optimal material procurement advantage, and improved, fullstream process effectiveness.

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