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Project Scope

Automated Bulk Bag Filler Project Minimizes Operator Interaction, Improves Bulk Bag Fill Weight Accuracy

This National Bulk Equipment, automated bulk bag filling project processes and packages a fast, free-flowing, dust-generating material that is static-charged and an explosion hazard.

Project-Specific Engineering:

Process material is supplied to the surge hopper from an NBE bulk bag discharger and an integrated material conveyor system. The NBE surge hopper provides the necessary material storage sufficient for the batch filling sequence. When discharged from the NBE surge hopper, the material is processed through a material screening stage to remove off-spec material from the production supply. Properly sized material is then supplied at designed rate to the NBE bulk bag filler. Once the bulk bag is filled to target weight, an operator unspouts the bulk bag and ties-off the bulk bag spout in preparation for storage and handling. The integrated, NBE chain-drive live roller conveyor (CDLR) system moves the filled bulk package to an accumulation conveyor lane where a forklift removes the bulk bag package for storage or shipping.

Project Performance:

The physical ergonomic design of the bulk bag fill station helps maintain ideal operator posture for safe, efficient interaction. The bulk bag filling station has an integrated, automated weigh scale system. While each bulk bag is automatically filled to within 5% of its target fill weight, densification occurs evenly throughout the entire bulk bag to establish a base fill volume per bag. A final dribble-fill function then tops each bulk bag to its finished weight of within 1% of the target fill weight. The densification process ensures the material is properly distributed and settled within the bulk bag, providing a consistent and stable bulk package that is ready for shipping or storing.

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