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Project Scope

Bulk Bag Filling Project Packages Sluggish, Adhesive-like Material to Within One Percent of Target Fill Weight at a Rate of 24,000 Pounds per Hour

Operating at a 24,000-pound per-hour run rate, and processing non free-flowing material, this NBE engineered-to-application bulk bag filling project increased production yield while improving operator efficiency and increasing the accuracy of filled-bag weights.

Project-Specific Engineering:

This application-specific NBE bulk bag filling project is engineered to package irregular, adhesive-like material at a cycle time of one, 2,000-pound bag every five minutes. Safe and efficient operator interaction, together with highly reliable and repeatable bag-fill accuracy, aid in providing total project effectiveness. NBE risk assessment and risk mitigation processes identified multiple functions and features designed to protect operators, including: automated pallet staging and feeding, operator-specific machine position settings, and automated conveying and indexing of filled bulk bags. By engineering an automated bag weigh system into the bulk bag filling sequence, filled-bag weigh accuracy improved to achieve a final bag weight of within 1% of the target fill weight. Rework of over- and under-filled bulk bags was eliminated; improving staff safety and reducing material waste.

Project Performance:

Despite challenges brought by handling sluggish, non free-flowing materials, and packaging those materials at rigorous production rates, this NBE, automated bulk bag filling project delivers accurately filled and weighed bulk bags at, or above, designed run rates. Minimal operator interaction and process-specific NBE controls and automation combine to ensure peak process effectiveness throughout the fullstream of this packaging operation.

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