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Project Scope

High-volume Packaging Operation Automates Filling of Combustible, Caustic Materials into Bulk Bags

This automated bulk bag filling project processes 50,000 pounds per hour of varied caustic materials. Each material has unique physical characteristics and flow properties. The project automation is managed from a single touchscreen control center; operator interaction with the materials and equipment is minimized.

Project-Specific Engineering:

Inherent to NBE engineer-to-application (ETA) project delivery are on-site evaluations of the project facilities and site infrastructure. These evaluations enabled the NBE engineering practice area leaders to identify strategic considerations necessary to best align the project owner’s objectives and the projects total operating performance contribution. The operation processes up to 50,000 pounds per hour of combustible materials of varied physical characteristics, including interlocking flakes and free-flowing, friable rods. The project sequence of operation begins upstream with three packaging lines each with an NBE bulk bag discharger and a belt flaker unit providing raw material infeed to a bucket elevator. Midstream processes include: conveying of the materials by bucket to each of three, 1,060 cubic-foot capacity storage vessels; pre-conditioning of the materials using integrated, NBE lump breaker systems; and surge storage of the conditioned material in the three, high-capacity storage vessels. Material is received downstream by each of three bulk bag filling stations. Each bulk bag is automatically filled to within 5% of its target fill weight, densification occurs evenly throughout the entire bulk bag to establish a base fill volume per bag. A final dribble-fill function then tops each bulk bag to its finished weight of within 1% of the target fill weight. Filled bulk bags are conveyed to an accumulation location for removal from the packaging line.

Project Performance:

This high-volume bulk packaging project is a fullstream process operation representing the extensive portfolio of NBE equipment and the exceptional range of NBE project capabilities brought to every NBE ETA project delivery experience. The project owner continues to achieve reliable, consistent production yields in excess of 17,000 pounds per hour, per line. Operators are protected from excessive exposure to caustic product, and integrated automation provides optimal process controls operation with all necessary data reporting.

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