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Project Scope

Bulk Material Blending System Aids In Process GMP Validation; Provides Precise, Automated Performance; Improves Operator Safety

This fully automated, self-contained drum discharger and bulk material mixing system blends a combination of five, highly caustic, free flowing powdered additives with a sluggish flowing, high dusting base ingredient.

Project-Specific Engineering:

The base ingredient is automatically introduced into the bulk packaging operation from a single, 64 cubic-foot surge hopper that feeds either of two horizontal screw conveyors; depending on the blend recipe and the material requirements of downstream packaging operations. The caustic, free flowing additives; previously manually added to the process, are input to the system using five, NBE Lift-and-Seal™ drum discharger units. Each NBE drum discharger unit has an automatic centering system to ensure a precise seal of the drum to the discharger unit's custom-designed discharge hood. A 750 lb.-capacity, hydraulic carriage lifts the drum up 14 feet to the discharge point and rotates the drum 180° for a precise, dust-free seal of the 304-2b stainless steel discharge hood to the receiving surge hopper. A pneumatically actuated slide gate valve controls material discharge from the drum into the hopper to ensure uninterrupted supply to the volumetric feeder. Automated controlling of the volumetric feeder's variable frequency drive gearmotor and pneumatically actuated diverter valve ensures properly blended material is supplied at the correct volume to the specified downstream packaging operation.

Project Performance:

Complete NBE process engineering, from ensuring NBE equipment met process-specific GMPs and risk assessment requirements, to the integrated automation of process-wide controls, sensors, monitoring, and data reporting, combined to increase total process throughput, reduce material waste, and protect operators from harmful, airborne dusts.

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