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Project Scope

Highly Accurate Filling of Bulk Storage Containers Reduces Batch Material Waste and Rework

This bulk material handling project enables the receiving, discharging, storage, and batch supply to downstream processes of various free-flowing, dry bulk materials. Materials are received in bulk bags from shipments and received from inventory in mobile storage hoppers. The automated weigh-scale system ensures accurate and repeatable batch filling of portable surge bins for downstream supply.

Project-Specific Engineering:

Varied types and sizes of filled intermediate bulk containers are received from multiple bulk material supply sources. The complete sequence, from container loading to material discharging, and from container filling to process input or storage is engineered to be managed by a single operator. Because the received bulk bags cannot be reused, the bulk bag discharging station uses a blade-style, bottom-piercing bag opening method. Full-length dust collection plenums are designed into the entire perimeter of the receiving hopper on the bulk bag discharging station to prevent the escape of nuisance dusts during material discharge. Collected material dust is filtered through a central collection system that returns clean air back into the process area. When downstream process requirements call for supply of specific batches, mobile storage hoppers of bulk material are pulled from inventory and staged above the closed-top portable surge bin in the hopper discharger framework. A custom discharge/fill interface connects the mobile storage hopper discharge flange to the receiving inlet of the portable surge bin. NBE automation and controls automatically initiates the gain-in-weight fill sequence. The closed-top portable surge bin is filled to an accuracy of 0.25% of the total batch material weightment.

Project Performance:

Immediately upon turnover, the processing operation realized efficiency gains beyond even designed objectives. Significantly improved batch filling accuracy has nearly eliminated material waste. The highly accurate input of material to downstream processes has made rework virtually unnecessary. And, operator effectiveness has increased; primarily due to automated functions as well as the dust-free work area.

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