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Mobile Storage Hoppers

Mobile Storage Hopper, Portable Bulk Material Storage

Portable Bulk Material Storage for Varied Process Requirements

National Bulk Equipment mobile storage hoppers provide processing and production operations an efficient, durable material storage alternative to unstable, non-stacking, irregular-shaped bags, totes, and gaylords. NBE mobile storage hoppers stack easily to conserve floorspace; and are available with a variety of line interfacing methods to ensure reliable material supply to low- or medium-capacity lines. NBE mobile storage hoppers are designed and built to be process-critical assets, not disposable commodities.

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Features and Integration:

Standard Build Details

NBE mobile storage hoppers are built to ensure efficient handling of dry bulk materials, regardless of material flow characteristics or storage requirements. The Standard Build Details of an NBE mobile storage hopper have the right combination of features to ensure reliable performance across a wide range of bulk storage and handling requirements. And, for mobile storage hopper applications with more demanding requirements, the Standard Build Detail of NBE mobile storage hoppers provides a versatile basis on which to configure optional or custom feature sets specific to the application.

Optional Features

The NBE line of mobile storage hoppers is engineered to be configurable to unique, application-specific requirements. NBE offers optional design features and component accessories that add performance and value to the NBE mobile storage hopper Standard Build. NBE optional features include stainless steel materials of construction or multiple interior surface finishes, as well as component accessory options for improved hopper mobility, material safety, and material supply.

Materials of Construction

  • 304 / 316 Stainless Steel: Provides superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion; withstands harsh chemicals and cleaners. Stainless steel welds are passivated and ground smooth and flush.

Interior Epoxy Coatings

  • Interior Surface Coating: For complete protection of storage hopper interior surfaces, the NBE Graphite epoxy coating provides resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals, and mildew. NBE Clear epoxy coating for interior surfaces offers easy washdown, protection from corrosion, while also providing improved material flow.

Mobility Features

  • Mobile Storage Bin with 4 Inch Caster Package4-inch Diameter Casters Package: Easily move mobile storage hoppers without using a forklift or pallet jack. The NBE mobile storage hopper caster package includes two, 4-inch diameter, swivel-type casters on the front, and two, 4-inch diameter, non-swivel, locking casters on the rear. To enable stacking of mobile storage hoppers with casters, casters are offset from the base of the hopper legs.
  • Mobile Storage Hopper with Push/Pull BarPush/Pull Bar for Casters Package: Frequent, manual handling of NBE storage hoppers is made safer and easier with the optional push/pull bar and casters package. The NBE push/pull bar is an easy-grip handle welded to the front, straight side of the hopper.
  • 4-way Fork Pockets with Pallet Jack Pockets: When storage hopper mobility requires mechanical and manual methods of handling, NBE combines the efficiency of four-way fork pocket access, and the efficiency of two-way pallet jack pockets.
  • Storage Hopper with Forklift Pockets4-way Fork Pockets: Forklift access to all four side of the hopper reduces handling and improves fork lift operator efficiency. NBE four-way fork pockets, formed of 10-gauge carbon steel, provide reinforced lifting points and secure, stable positions for forks during hopper stacking.
  • Storage Bin with Pallet Jack Pockets2-way Pallet Jack Pockets: Fork-entry locations and jack-point height of NBE pallet jack pockets are sized to improve operator efficiency and ergonomics when handling NBE mobile storage hoppers. The NBE two-way pallet jack pockets are formed of 10-gauge carbon steel.

Top Covers

  • Storage Hopper with Highed Lid2-piece, Hinged Top Cover: Hinged at two top edges of the hopper sidewall, this NBE two-piece cover opens from the center enabling easy loading of material. Once loaded, material is covered and protected from external contamination sources.
  • Storage Bin with Process Cover1-piece, Lay-on Top Cover with 8-inch Center Hole: Enable easy integration of upstream material supply sources. This NBE one-piece top cover is formed to create a gravity seal with the top edge of the hopper.
  • Storage Bin with One Piece Cover1-piece, Lay-on Top Cover: Protect valuable bulk materials from contamination during storage and handling. The NBE one-piece top cover is formed to create a gravity seal with the top edge of the hopper; keeping contaminants out and important product in.
  • Storage Hopper with Steel GrateSteel-bar Grate (6-inch x 4-inch openings): Avoid accidental introduction of large contaminants; break-up large chucks of material during hopper loading from bulk containers. Grate insert rests inside, at the top of the hopper.

Process Features

  • 3-bar Magnet Grate: Protect downstream processes and equipment from ferrous metal fines that commonly contaminate bulk material supply. NBE 6-inch x 6-inch magnet grates use rare earth magnets to ensure more magnetic strength, better separation, and improved holding power relative to ceramic magnet materials.
  • Mobile Storage Hopper with View Window4-inch Diameter View Window: For visual monitoring of material levels and verifying of hopper contents, view windows are center-mounted in the hopper sidewall for high-level visibility, and in the hopper cone wall for low-level visibility.
  • Storage Bin with StandFill Stand for Gaylords, Hoppers, and Totes: Raise hoppers to appropriate heights for easy access to discharge flange area. Conveniently reach flange-mounted process interfaces, and simplify entry of forklifts or pallet jacks to place and retrieve IBCs.
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