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Bulk Container Dischargers

Bulk Container Dischargers, Tote Dumpers, Gaylord Emptiers

Upstream Performance Improving Downstream Efficiency

NBE bulk container discharger systems provide controlled discharge, and complete unloading, of dry bulk materials from totes, gaylords, bins, or other intermediate bulk container types. NBE bulk container discharging systems are engineered and constructed to withstand the harshest plant environments and demanding duty cycles. Together, with NBE automation and controls, this integrated construction and automation infrastructure enables dry bulk material processing operations to safely discharge, even the most hard-to-handle materials, while limiting operator interaction, reducing dusting, protecting product from contamination, and eliminating material waste. NBE bulk container discharging systems aid downstream process performance by ensuring a reliable, accurate material supply.

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Features and Integration:

Container Discharger Configurations

NBE bulk container discharging systems are built to handle any intermediate bulk type of container, and are designed to fit any dry bulk material processing plant layout or equipment configuration. NBE application-specific engineering brings process performance to applications where other designs on the market do not; applications where space limitations do not allow front loading, or where high-lift discharge is needed.

Container Discharger Framework Construction

All NBE container discharging systems are constructed with structural frameworks and sub-assemblies each specifically engineered to withstand the harshest of processing and packaging environments and demanding duty cycles; including those requiring FDA, 3-A, USDA or international regulatory compliance. NBE build specifications and materials of construction requirements enable NBE bulk container discharging systems to safely handle and discharge container capacities ranging from 750 pounds to 16,000 pounds, with higher capacities available.

Lift Carriage and Container Bucket Configurations

Lift carriages and container buckets on NBE bulk container discharging systems are designed to the specific requirements of each application. NBE lift carriages are engineered to provide high-performance operation; regardless of lift height, rotation, container weight, or duty cycles. NBE container buckets reduce operator interaction with equipment and provide safe handling of containers during material discharge. Pneumatic container-centering devices position the bulk container in the optimal position for sealing into the hood and achieving maximum unloading of material from the containers.

Material Discharge Hoods and Diverters

The discharge hood design of each NBE bulk container discharger is specifically engineered to ensure material being unloaded into downstream processes is infed at optimal rates, is protected from introduction of contaminates, and is prevented from creating nuisance dust throughout the facility. Application-specific discharge hood designs may integrate material conditioning systems, material-present sensing, and machine interface configurations custom to downstream equipment.

Safety Cage and Light Curtain Systems

Comprehensive risk assessments and design reviews, together with customer specifications, ensure NBE bulk container dischargers are engineered to protect operator safety. NBE bulk container discharging system safety cages are designed to the specific requirements of each application. Light curtain systems, integrated to NBE bulk container dischargers, provide operator protection where machine access areas, or process requirements, are not conducive to caging.

Automation and Control Systems

The integrated automation of NBE bulk container dischargers brings system-wide process control, communication, sensing, monitoring, and reporting together into a single, menu-driven, touch-screen HMI. High-speed Ethernet communications deliver information between NBE equipment and legacy systems to UL listed panels designed and built by NBE. NBE integrated automation pushes control functionality farther out, and deeper into equipment operations to optimize total line throughput and deliver a standard, system-wide, data report from the control layer. Broader controls functionality and increased data reporting improve resource management, reduce operating burden, and extend the equipment lifecycle.

Hydraulic Systems

The hydraulically driven lift carriage of an NBE bulk container discharging system is engineered to ensure high-performance lifting and rotation of the bulk container; regardless of container weight, lift height, or duty cycles. The hydraulic power unit and valve stack of an NBE container discharging system are specified based on the required cycles per hour, and per-cycle duration for the application. NBE bulk container discharger hydraulic systems are constructed for general industrial material unloading applications; as well as wash-down duty, intrinsically safe, and explosion-proof classifications.

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