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National Bulk Equipment Recruitment and Selection Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to provide a standard for the recruitment and selection procedure. NBE is committed to employ, in its best judgement, suitable candidates for approved positions, while engaging in recruitment and selection processes that are in compliance with all applicable employment laws. It is the policy of NBE to provide equal employment opportunity to all applicants and employees.

Underlying Principles

The policy is based on the following underlying principles:

  • The applicant will be chosen on the basis of suitability with respect to the position.
  • The applicant will be informed on the application procedure and the details of the vacant position.
  • The company will request that the applicant provide only the information that is needed to assess suitability for the position.
  • The applicant will provide the company with information it needs to form an accurate picture of the applicant’s suitability for the vacant position.
  • The information provided by the applicant will be treated confidentially and with due care; the applicant’s privacy will also be respected in other matters.

The policy applies to a procedure that is directed toward filling a vacancy within the company and for which the recruitment of candidates takes place by a) public announcement, such as advertisements on billboards, internet or newspapers, b) through employment agencies, recruitment and selection agencies, or executive search.

Position Information

Should NBE decide that a vacancy exists, or will exist and that it must be filled, a job description with the relevant details of the position will be created. The job detail will include: the title of the position, the duties and responsibilities of the position, the level/place of the position within the organization, and if the position is exempt and salary, or non-exempt and hourly. Job requirements may relate to professional competence (education, knowledge and experience) and skills.


The relevant job description for the position will be posted to official job posting sites as appropriate, and provided to outside recruiting firms as necessary.

Selection Phase

NBE will endeavor to notify applicants within a reasonable amount of time after the closing date for submission of applications, if the applicant has been rejected, or if the applicant has been invited for an interview.

When pre-screening or interviewing applicants, NBE will ask only questions that are relevant to the position and/or job performance. The applicant will provide the company with information that gives a true and fair picture of his/her professional competence (education, knowledge, skills and experience).

NBE will provide the applicant with a reasonable amount of information required by the applicant in order to be able to form as complete a picture as possible of the job vacancy and of the company.

Further Information

If the company requires further information from third parties and/or other sources about the applicant, it will request the applicant’s prior consent, unless this is not required pursuant to a statutory or generally binding provision. The intended information must be related to the position to be filled and may not disproportionably infringe upon the applicant’s privacy.

Rejection and Completion of the Application Procedure

Should the company decide at any stage during the process that an applicant is not qualified to fill the position, the company will endeavor to notify the applicant. The rejection will be in writing (by letter or by e-mail message). The application procedure is considered to be concluded if the position has been filled, or if the company has decided that the position should be withdrawn. Only those persons who are still participating in the procedure will receive written notification.

All information, written or otherwise, received from an applicant will remain active for 60 days. NBE may cleanse all applicant data one year after submission.

All offers and agreements will be recorded in writing upon position acceptance.

Prepared By: Human Resources
Authorized By: Executive Vice President
Prepared Date: 05/18/2016

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