National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Dust free, contamination free and complete material discharge of non-free flowing material directly from the customer's container to their process is achieved on a consistent and repeatable basis

The NBE hydraulic container dumper was designed specifically for the needs of a major food supplier.

Minimizing horizontal surfaces and areas for material and contaminates to collect while providing a rugged construction to withstand the harsh plant environment and required duty cycle of the equipment were mutual design challenges NBE solved with this 5000 pound capacity container discharger. Additionally, NBE's Lift& Seal mechanism was modified for use with the customer’s specific container to provide a very effective seal that results in the elimination of foreign material contamination from entering the process during the container discharging sequence.

The intelligently designed NBE hydraulic cylinder linkage system provides an exceptionally smooth and controlled 150 degrees of rotation for the discharging of the containers contents into the customers receiving hopper at an elevation of 22'. The sequence of operation is automated using an Allen-Bradley PLC located in NEMA 4X box. All material contact surfaces are stainless steel while noncontact surfaces are Steel-It epoxy painted carbon steel.

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High lift and seal hydraulic bulk material container dumper