National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

NBE Sealed Container Discharging system provides dust free, contamination free and complete material discharge of the customer's non-free flowing material directly from the container to their process on a consistent and repeatable basis

A manufacturer of engineered composites uses chopped strand fiberglass with binders in their manufacturing process. The facility has four (4) production lines, each of which uses the chopped fiberglass. When the production lines were originally placed in operation, another manufacturer’s gaylord box dischargers were used for the gaylord box discharging application.

Two (2) years ago the engineered composite manufacturer decided they needed to look into replacing the original box dischargers with new units to due chronic maintenance and repair requirements after five to six years of operation. They sought out National Bulk Equipment based on equipment they saw in operation at other facilities. As a result of the mechanical design features and rugged, durable construction, the customer purchased the first replacement machine from National Bulk Equipment. This included NBE’s use of flanged camrollers running on stainless steel track bar to provide smooth, tolerant operating movement of the assembly and eliminating points of possible corrosion due to abrasion that could cause maintenance and repair issues.

This year the customer decided to replace two (2) more units. Based on their last two (2) year, maintenance-free experience with the NBE gaylord box discharger, they chose to purchase these two units from NBE. However, since the original machine had an open discharge into a NBE provided hopper with screw conveyor, the customer wanted to close the system to prevent fiberglass dust from contaminating the surrounding area and eliminating operator health and exposure issues.

To close the system, NBE provided lift-and-seal gaylord box dischargers with enclosed discharge hoods. The discharge hoods include 30” square knife, compact knife gate valves also designed and manufactured by NBE since appropriate, commercially available gate valves are not available. In practice, a forklift operator loads a full gaylord box into the carriage of the box discharger. The lower box carriage is lifted to the upper seal carriage effecting a compression seal to the gaylord box’s top. The sealed assembly is then lifted to the appropriate discharge height and rotated to the discharge position sealing against a diaphragm seal on the hopper cover thereby closing the system to the atmosphere. The knife gate valve on the box discharger’s seal hood is opened allowing the fiberglass to discharge into the hopper in a completely enclosed system eliminating fiberglass dust from contaminating the operating area.

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High lift and seal container discharger dumps a bulk material gaylord
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