National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Bulk Bag Filler System Uses Integrated, NTEP-certified Weigh Device to Ensure Filled Bag Weights are Accurate to +/- .01%; Automated Process Runs 24,000 lbs./hour

Bulk Bag Discharging System for Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

This bulk bag filler system, handling irregular, non free-flowing, adhesive material, is specifically designed to ensure the filled weight of each bulk bag is accurate to +/- .01% of the 2,000-pound, filled-bag capacity. To support a total process rate of 24,000 lbs./hour, this bulk bag filler uses an automated, NTEP-certified weigh device linked to the system-wide, central HMI, designed and built by NBE. This NBE, NTEP-certified weigh system design received certification based on performing 7,000 consecutive weigh cycles to a +/- .01% accuracy. Rather than a bolt-on component that may vary in calibration, the NBE, NTEP-certified weigh system is integrated during fabrication to ensure repeatable, reliable performance. Other integrated automation processes of the system include: automatic pallet introduction and staging; automatic, operator-specific, ergonomic fillhead and rear bag hook settings; automatic feed rate control of material supply; automatic material densification; and automatic conveyed indexing and accumulation of finished, filled bulk bags.

NBE integrated automation centralizes all drive controlling, material feed sensing, material routing, and control layer monitoring and reporting to a single, UL listed HMI, designed and built by NBE. Rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures work to prevent hazards to those who operate and maintain the equipment, while identifying improvements in physical ergonomics and equipment access points. NBE expertise in application-appropriate codes, standards, and regulations ensured system compliance at start-up.

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