National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Automated Bulk Bag Filler Operation Minimizes Operator Interaction, Assures Accurate Filled Bulk Bag Weights

Bulk Bag Filler System with NTEP-certified Base Weigh and Full Automation

This NBE, automated bulk bag filling system processes and packages a fast, free-flowing, dust-generating material that is static-charged and an explosion hazard. Material is introduced to the bulk bag filler from the supply hopper after discharge from the NBE bulk bag discharger. Material is processed through a screening sequence to remove non-spec material. Processed material is transferred to the NBE bulk bag filler station.

The physical ergonomic design of the bulk bag fill station helps maintain ideal operator posture for safe, efficient operation. The NTEP-certified base weigh system ensures precision weighing of filled bulk bags to +/- .01% of the total bag weight -- up to 4,500 pounds. System-wide automation and controls, including UL listed panels and integration with the facility SCADA control system were designed and built by NBE.

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