National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Intelligently designed bulk bag filler maximizes filling while minimizing operator involvement

NBE automated bulk bag fillers are engineered for accurate, repeatable, and dust-free filling for filling while maximizing the productivity of the filling operation. The standard base frame is an ergonomic cantilever design that provides unobstructed access from three sides of the machine for attaching and detaching bags. The controls are intelligently designed to include many user defined inputs that allow the filling sequence to be tailored to the customers bag sizes, materials and material delivery systems. To change any variable the operator simply touches the parameter they wish to change and inputs the value on the touch screen or keypad. The result is a high output of consistent, dense and stable filled bags. In fact, many installed automated NBE systems are achieving rates of up to 20 bags per hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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Bulk bag filler ensures accurate, repeatable, dust-free container filling
Ergonomic operator access
Automated bulk bag filler minimizes operator involvement for comfort and safety
Semi automatic controls
Intelligently designed controls for bulk material filling
Densification weigh platform
Bulk bag densification and weigh platform for accurate results