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Bulk Container Tilt Tables

Tilt Tables: In-Use Advantages

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NBE tilt tables automatically tilt containers up to 2,500 pounds. Floor-level tilters, originated by NBE, can accommodate pallet jack, hand truck, and forklift loading of bulk containers. Containers are loaded into the unit at floor level and begin to automatically tilt when the gaylord reaches approximately 900 pounds. As the gaylord container is being emptied, the tilt table is gradually tilted up to a maximum of 45 degrees; all material is directed into one corner ensuring complete product removal with minimal operator involvement.

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Tilt Tables: Features & Integration Guide

Tilt Table Pivot Cradle and Framework:
The standard pivot cradle is designed to accommodate containers up to 52 inches square by approximately 60 inches tall. The tilter pivot cradle can be modified to accept other container sizes. The tilter is constructed of formed 7-gauge steel. The main framework includes all necessary mounting brackets for standard and optional devices. An adjustable vacuum pick-up wand holder, with a 3-1/2 inch I.D, is included.

> Tilt Table Capacity, Dimensions, Weld, and Finish Specs

Tilt Table Capacity, Dimensions, Weld, and Finish Specs

Capacity and Dimensions: The tilter is designed to support the full weight of the container up to a maximum of 3,000 pounds. The system has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs. which is factory preset at 900 pounds to avoid unintended material spillage. The footprint of the system is approximately 71" W x 52" D in the load position and 72" W x 80" D when in the maximum tilt position.

Weld and Finish Specifications: The equipment is constructed of welded carbon steel that is ground to remove irregularities. The equipment is sandblasted or solvent cleaned, primed, and finished with NBE beige enamel.

> Tilt Table Load Design, Pneumatics, and Framework

Tilt Table Load Design, Pneumatics, and Framework

Load Design: The container is loaded, at floor level, into the 44” W x 44” D pivot cradle of the tilter. The standard pivot cradle is designed to accommodate containers up to 52” square, or up to approximately 60" tall. Systems can be designed to accept other container sizes.

Pneumatic System: The system includes complete pneumatic controls for all devices. The system includes a manual, 3-position air control valve. The manual control valve is mounted to the pivot cradle of the system and includes all necessary filter regulators, lockouts, and components to provide a single-supply connection.

Framework: The tilter is constructed of formed 7ga steel. The main framework includes all necessary mounting brackets for the standard and optional devices. The pivot cradle includes an adjustable vacuum pick-up wand holder. The holder is designed with a 3-1/2” I.D. and provides 12” of adjustment to accommodate various container heights.

Tilt Table Unloaded


Bulk Container Tilt Table Accessories:
NBE bulk container tilt tables, like every other bulk material handling system manufactured by NBE, are designed to bring increased productivity and seamless integration to any dry bulk materials processing application. NBE offers a line of tilter accessories to enhance and ensure safe, dust-free material throughput.

> Full Tilt Indicator Light

Full Tilt Indicator Light

Full Tilt Indicator Light: A red beacon is activated when the tilter reaches its full-tilt position. The red light warns the operator when the container is near empty.

Fork Lift Loading
> Gaylord Container Cover

Gaylord Container Cover

Gaylord Cover: The cover is installed over the open gaylord to prevent foreign debris from falling into the material in the container. The cover includes an opening for the insertion of the vacuum pick-up wand, breathable filter panel, and two vinyl windows for quick visual level checks.

Gaylord Cover
> Material Flow Inducer

Material Flow Inducer

Electric or pneumatic vibrator kit. Vibration induces non-free flowing material to flow toward the vacuum wand located at the low corner of the tilter.

Material Flow Inducer
> Pivot Cradle Safety Stop

Pivot Cradle Safety Stop

Safety Stop: Patented pneumatic safety stop. The safety stop is designed to prevent the pivot cradle from dropping in the event of a pneumatic system failure. For safety reasons, NBE highly recommends the addition of this option.

Safety Stop

Safety Stop