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Angel Hair Traps

Pneumatic Conveying Components
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If you have a problem with angel hair (stringers or plastic fragments) in your process, an angel hair trap can contain them. They eliminate downtime caused by angel hair and streamers. The clear viewing cover for level indication can be quickly removed for easy clean out. For use in both vacuum lines and pressure conveying systems. The body is constructed of stainless steel. Connects to line with compression couplers.

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Item No.Product Description
8AHTRAP250VIn-Line Angel Hair Trap for 2.50"OD system. *Vacuum*. Stainless Steel construction.
8AHTRAP300VIn Line Angel Hair Trap for 3.00"OD system. *Vacuum*. Stainless Steel construction.
8AHTRAP400PIn Line Angel Hair Trap for 4.00"OD system. *Pressure*. Stainless Steel construction.
8AHTRAP450PIn Line Angel Hair Trap for 4.50"OD system. *Pressure*. Stainless Steel construction.
8AHTRAP500VIn Line Angel Hair Trap for 5.00"OD system. *Vacuum*. Stainless Steel construction.
8AHTRAPSCREEN-10Replacement screen for an In-Line Angel Hair Trap - Size 10" body. 3/4" Mesh.
8AHTRAPSCREEN-18Replacement screen for an In-Line Angel Hair Trap - Size 18" body. 3/4" Mesh.

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